Cold Red Mute

Cold Red Mute

What started with two brothers Christian and Josh Block merging their mix of Thrash, doom and all things nasty has quickly grown into a 4 seater V8 muscle-car b
lend of psychotropic punk, rock and metal combining monolithic, sand-devil riffage with dark country death-blues.

Now it has spread to Melbourne and with the addition of Joey’s mind bending, smashmouth bass lines and Trintins guitar riffs that are clearly the result of some horrible psychosis, Cold Red Mute are a steam train running on the souls of those who defied and tried to stand in its way.

Coming off the back of their 2013 debut selt-titled release, the beast grows with even more momentum with the recent release of their new EP ‘Kindness’, which delivers a vicious snake bite of metal fury. Cold Red Mute is set to watch the world burn and in return will provide the soundtrack to the end of your lives.



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