Down and Out

Down and Out

Down And Out started in 2017 with just two members who wrote some songs for the fun of it.

In late 2018, those songs were recorded and later dropped on an EP called “A Brief Exchange” in early 2019. It was fairly well received so we decided to get an actual band together to play the songs live. Probably not that weird of an origin story nowadays!

Our influences include the classic pop/punk and emo/pop bands like Blink-182, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy and Paramore, to the newer pop/punk bands like Stand Atlantic and Neck Deep among many, many others. We all also listen to a fairly wide array of other music, so whether intentionally or not, some of that influence will likely leak into our songs (People keep telling us we sound like A Day To Remember).

So, while our songs don’t have an extreme variance from poppiness to something heavier, we like mixing it up and trying things along the gradient depending on what we’re feeling at the time.


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