Faceless Mirror

Faceless Mirror


If Pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd all went to Neil Young's house for dinner and a jam, this is what it may sound like. This is what was once described about Faceless Mirror. 
Australian north coast rock band comprising of 5 musicians had one common goal - to produce, perform and record really great music. This is what they have accomplished with the release of their debut album 'Journey Home'. During the album you are led on a journey through the consciousness of society. The happy times, sad times, homelessness, breakdowns, addictions, dreams and ofcourse the love. Feel and be the love on this journey home. 

On April 21, 2017, 2 days after the sudden death of The Kelly Gang's bassist/harmonica player and good friend Johnny Harris, as well as a some years prior, the passing of a great mate to all, Glenn (Poppy) Okell (also the bands manager), Dean and his fiancé Christine sat back and watched some old
live videos of the Kelly Gang. The next morning, they were discussing the songs and how great they were, and what a shame they were never recorded properly. Legend goes, that within 5 minutes Dave Cavanagh was on messenger, and then on the phone repeating everything that had just been discussed. It was then and there that they decided it was time these songs needed to be recorded.
Most of the songs were played live extensively, while others were just in their primitive infancy which had never made it to the set list. It was like a journey home. They both knew that the day would come when they would revisit these songs.

After weeks of trolling through old desk-tapes, and rehearsal tapes, the task of recording and producing these great songs came into play, and soon the realisation that something special was happening - and so, comes Faceless Mirror.
Dean Macaw: “We wanted all the songs to be not just good songs, but great songs. Songs that stick in your head, the kind you wake up and find yourself humming or singing...You know the kind”

On 2nd September 2017, Dean introduced Dave to an amazing drummer/human metronome John 'Derek' Armistead who instantly became the bands drummer, and 3rd member of Faceless Mirror.
In 2018, Dean had heard of a Hammond organist, Tony Rendell who was currently playing with Australian legendary guitarist Mal Eastick. Dean managed to track him down and asked him if he would be interested in putting organ tracks on the songs. The moment they met Tony; they knew he was going to be in the Band. Tony then introduced them to Mark Cooper-White, who was a great bass player and to top it off, also a good bloke.

Dave Cavanagh: “When we all got together for our first Jam, we knew this was going to be a great sounding band...And it is!”
Dave Cavanagh writes all the songs and is prolific at it. His song writing can be summed up by what legendary sound engineer and author of ‘Mixing with your mind’ Michael Stavrou said about him and the release of Faceless Mirror’s debut album ‘Journey Home’:
"Dave Cavanagh is one of those extremely rare individuals that lives and breathes music from the soul. I have not encountered such a musical talent since working with McCartney and Stevie Wonder at Air Studios Montserrat. Each day they would wake up with a new tune in their head and Dave Cavanagh is equally prolific. Combining his talents with Dean Macaw's modern arrangements and guitars makes for a very listenable album that hooks you and lifts you up. It's been a great joy working with them through the mixing process and I hope you get a chance to feel this crazy little dream soon."









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