FYRE BYRD are fronted by vocalist/guitarist Samtre and female drummer Breeze. Formed only in 2017, FYRE BYRD have already made serious ground with their fresh approach, blending classic songwriting with Samtre’s distinctive vocal sound and wired modern guitar on top of Breeze’s animalistic, hard hitting drums which is so dynamic and incredible to watch live.

Their debut tracks were recorded in Sydney, Australia with multi-platinum artist and producer Steve Balbi. Their debut single ‘Take Me Out’ peaked at number 9 on rock charts across US radio networks while their most recent release ‘PMIAD’ has already cracked 75,000 streams on Spotify.

Having sold out their own headline shows, the band have also been valuable support on tours with Nothing But Thieves (UK) across the country.

The vibrant buzz FYRE BYRD has generated culminated with the band recently joining Catfish and The Bottlemen (UK) as the main support throughout the British bands Australian Arena tour last July, performing at legendary venues such as The Hordern Pavilion and Margaret Court Arena.

In 2020, Fyre Byrd released a new EP ‘No Idols - Fame’ which is the first of 4 parables of the modern world. True to the bands output over the last two years, it is not just about the music either. It’s about the artistic expression of a message. An accompanying visual experience of the EP music delves a little deeper into the underlying concept of the worlds desire for fame through stardom, social media likes and misrepresentation of people's true selves.

Fyre Byrd are an unrivalled live band that has no equal in their genre.”

- Stuart Dew (Nothing But Thieves T.M & tech, Gang of Youths tech)

“These siblings are completely in tune with each other as they unleash an animalistic, grungy sound with high energy and electrifying instrumentals to get the crowd amped up. They command the stage with a strong presence” - The Music

Fyre Byrd are very professional, highly talented, amazing people and can rock out a stage whether it’s to 5 people or 5000 people! Look out planet earth!” - Haydon Cox, Overthrow Productions

“Touring with Fyre Byrd in Australia was amazing!  They not only rock but they're great people too!”

- Eric Sherman, Manager (Poison and Living Colour)

Fyre Byrd is one the most exciting young bands that Living Colour have had the pleasure of opening for us! They break things!” - Vernon Reid (Living Colour) 

"From the opening track, there was no doubt in our minds these rockers weren’t just here to play a set, they wanted to leave us gasping for air as they sucked it from our lungs! There were no nerves on stage as Fyre Byrd tore through their set, song after song bringing high energy, electrifying rock and roll for the generation of today.” - All Over Adelaide

Fyre Byrd are fantastic. Daniella is an amazing drummer. A very full sound, and the songs have great hooks.” – Frank Stallone

“Fyre Byrd have slayed. It was a vibrant, exciting, old school, new school, rock show. It’s not hard to see why they’ve made waves. They like to rock, they like to jam, they like to do as they please. They make a hell of a lot of noise for just two people. It’s good noise too. - Adelaide Rock Metal Lovers

“Fyre Byrd put on a high energy rock show complete with instrument destroying theatrics, as Daniella Breeze danced around her drum kit, leapt onto the stool and smashed the shit out of the cymbals. Meantime, vocalist/guitarist Josh Samtre lay flat on his back, taking the feedback to fever pitch. The cacophony ended with an Epiphone flying across the stage and landing in a distortion inducing heap. Come back anytime Fyre Byrd, that was rock n fkn roll.” - Wall Of Sound

“This band is hot stuff right now.” - Hi-Fi Way : The Pop Chronicles 


Website: www.fyrebyrdband.com 

Youtube: https://bit.ly/2XxdOb5 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fyrebyrdmusic 

Instagram: www.instagram.com/fyre.byrd

Twitter: www.twitter.com/fyrebyrdmusic


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