Gangs of Old Ladies

Gangs of Old Ladies


This time sees the boys with an even more refined sound and what has been hailed by some as an excellent view into what many believe to be the amazing sound of this band's future. Joining the band this time round is the very well known and very talented David Andersson (SOILWORK/NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA)

David's solos are pretty Damn epic and he really seems to fit in with the band
When asked why he had decided to work with the outfit Andersson simply stated "I like what they do and the solos are fun! In fact I really like the books. they're a great step into the future of metal"

Catch the bands incredible new self made clip here: 

Or take it one step further to checking out the bands new song  
and matching horror novella here:

Starting to gain momentum in the underground scene Jekyll (lead vocals and author) thought it was a great sign that people were continuing to support local music they liked but that also that people were still reading!
The band says their next outing can simply be nothing more than off the charts


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