Sydney Artist ‘Rates’, a name very familiar in hip hop and alternative music scenes throughout Australia.  

Known for establishing a connection with the listener, whether it be through personal experience, or unique storytelling delivered in multisyllabic rhymes, there is a certain underlying power within this artists music which has fostered him a strong, loyal following over the years . 

Rates has a strong diversity in styles which seems to keep fans and listeners waiting for more. Also a touring artist, with an explosive live performance;

Has performed to sold out venues with his brother Kerser, whilst also performing his own city and regional national tours, big day out, breath of life festival, heatwave, tech nyne, task force, and many more. 

Its safe to say Rates certainly holds stage presence with professionalism, which some say that same energy is evident in his music. 

Rates has released two previous albums with the 2013 ‘Destroy and rebuild’ , and the 2016 ‘Untold’ album. Both charting at number 1 on the Australian hip hop charts. 

Best known for his in-depth, honest songs “Nightmare” and “Nightmare 2” which have gathered more than 4 million YouTube views collectively. 

In between this time, and now here In 2020/2021 Rates has been focusing strongly on songwriting and powerful concepts, and is set to release his first single ‘Clouded’, featuring the extremely talented Aliya Dusk, through Punktured Media, in April 2021.

The Edge 96.1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59yMKmTGBOM

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