Signals is a 4 piece metalcore group based in Adelaide.

When brothers Tyler (strings) & Dylan (skins) met Kynan to fill the low frequencies, we spent a fair few months jamming in the shed and tightening our sound. But there was just one last piece of the puzzle to fill which eventually became our yell master general, Calem.

The chemistry was apparent from the first rehearsal and with songs coming together quickly, we soon found ourselves entering the studio in early July 2020 to record our debut single “Blackened Crown” to which the response was incredible. With 2021 just beginning, we're now preparing to release our second single, (and hopefully more throughout the year), and get stuck into many more shows in SA!

Our influences range from all different kinds of metal artists with bands like Alpha Wolf, Vein, Whitechapel, Slipknot. Deftones Knocked Loose and Varials shaping our sound.

Instagram: @signalsbandaus


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