Snake Mountain

Snake Mountain

What do you get when you cross face melting brutality and 80s/90s cartoon & movie references?
Featuring personnel from such luminaries as Shifting The Paradigm, Eternal Torment, Helm, The Point 0 Five and The Silencio, Snake Mountain cross heavy grooves, blast beats and atmospheric melodies to create a sound that is their own.
2017 saw a new beginning for the band, shedding their masked stage personas, gearing up with a second guitarist and adopting a heavier, darker sound. 
Snake Mountain entered Core studios on the Gold Coast in late 2017 to record their single 'The Burden' with highly respected producer Nik Carpenter and previous bass-player Rory Swane (Ex-Helm) and founding member guitarist Dan Maynard, who left the group in late 2018 to focus on interests outside of music. 

Most of 2019 saw Snake Mountain hard at work behind the scenes writing new material and recruiting second guitarist Jamie Cotton who's energy and experience has added a new level to their sound and direction. 
Their single 'The Burden' was used by YouTube legend Ozzy Man for his video 'Dodgy Australian critters swarm my office! (Ozzy Man's Random Vlog #3)'

Snake Mountain also opened for solo guitarist/ex-megadeth shredder Marty Friedman in Brisbane on December 12th 2019 at Crowbar and will be releasing more new material in 2020.


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