Ten Thousand Crows

Ten Thousand Crows

Sydney -core band, Ten Thousand Crows is releasing its debut single, The Hanged Man, on 22nd July as the first of the Macabre Arcana Project, a series of five Tarot card inspired singles. Having thought they’d never make music again, former Skyon bandmates were struck by inspiration after lockdown due to COVID-19 with overwhelming emotions caused by the pandemic. The debut will be available on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube accompanied by Tarot artwork and video.

With George Mackenzie, 30 on vocals and production, and Jordan Hurt, 28 on guitar, the pair wrote The Hanged Man reflecting on the pandemic with inspirations from bands such as Code Orange, Justice for the Damned and Knocked Loose. Mackenzie commented: “With all the death, uncertainty, anxiety and panic, we decided to channel our fear and frustrations during lockdown into creating a series of singles. The Hanged Man is the first of five releases we will be working on and releasing in real-time called the Macabre Arcana Project.

“I wanted to capture the feeling of helplessness. The lyrics of the song were written during quarantine and The Hanged Man character to me is a tragic character, an individual who has been let down by society, another statistic, another number. It’s by far the darkest thing I have ever created but I think that’s because it stems from how I was feeling as global events unfolded during quarantine.”

As a huge film fan himself and host of The Podcast Strikes Back, the video is directed by Mackenzie and inspired by 70’s horror like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween, a clip with a raw grainy aesthetic to match the intensity of the song. 

Music Links: 

Spotify - https://spoti.fi/39BrWDH
Apple Music - https://apple.co/3f8wrH9
iTunes - https://apple.co/2X5fbMB
Bandcamp - https://bit.ly/3hJt4bb


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