The Gloom in the Corner

The Gloom in the Corner

The Gloom In The Corner began in 2016, Melbourne, Australia as a collaboration between Matthew Stevens and Michael Arthur, who were the main songwriters and managers for their own projects Alias Arise and Despised respectively. Through the next few years the group experienced several member changes and continued to play venues around Australia supporting acts such as The Plot In You and Dream on Dreamer. In 2017 they released an EP entitled ‘Homecoming’ and a single in 2018 entitled ‘Villain’. By 2019 the group had solidified their lineup as Michael Arthur, Nicholas Haberle, Paul Musolino, Martin Wood and Matthew Stevens with the release of their EP ‘Flesh & Bones’. This release propelled the band forward, giving them the opportunities to perform on 2 national tours and play at Bigsound 2019, Unify 2020 and Download 2020 (announced but cancelled due to COVID-19). The departure of Martin Wood occurred at the beginning of 2020 and the group proceeded to release 3 singles under the title ‘Ultima Pluvia’ which helped achieve a total of 3 million spotify streams for the bands entire catalogue as of September 2020.


The Gloom In The Corner are a concept band that have intertwined a storyline within their music since the inception of the group. With each music release, the trials and trepidations of the characters are explored. Each character offers a different lense to view the supernatural world they have created, featuring themes of love, loss and war.


The band takes great influence from acts such as Emmure, Cane Hill, Defeater and Slipknot.


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